WordPress – A celtic music journey

Discovering  similarities across a variety of creative works.

Building out this new WordPress CRAICMORE website is an ongoing creative process, one that like so many others, is invigorating and exhausting. I’ve long ago lost count of the hours invested in developing this nearly complete expression. As with any creative undertaking, experiences and inspirations particular to this project have brought energy and reflection to my tapping, typing fingers. The work has at times flowed effortlessly, at others, obstacles rear up one after the other, most nights end with bleary eyes and dull thinking.

But if you look and feel, (or listen and feel) again the following day, to the work of the previous one, and you feel you’ve come a little further down the path to a point where you’re willing to share this work with those outside your circle of trusted friends, then yes, progress has been made.  A website, a guitar track, a new mix, an arrangement, a video edit, a  CD cover, all the creative expressions of the independent musical artist (skill sets aside) emerge from the same pond.

Sorting through a decade and a half of music and photos, memories come flowing back. The places we’ve been, people we’ve met, CDs we’ve recorded, the hundreds of stages we’ve had the joy and honor to perform from, well, it just makes me happy to see it all…

We hope you like this fresh look at CRAICMORE as seen through the lens of this website. Never just one person’s accomplishment, Nancy has been instrumental in photo manipulation, writing, posting content and more. Our new friends at PressUp have been tireless in providing the technical foundation and many sessions of patient training, thanks Fred Meyer!

Our ongoing plans include rolling out more content to this site in the months and years to come, photo albums, blog posts, videos and of course notice of concert dates as they come in. Thanks for reading, hope to see you down the road…


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