Professional Development for Teachers

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Integrating Art in the Classroom

A Professional Development workshop that nurtures simple strategies for facilitating discussions about the arts to enrich curriculum in a variety of academic fields.

The arts cut through individual differences in culture, educational background, and ability. They can bring every subject to life and turn abstractions into concrete reality. This interactive workshop develops strategies for enabling teachers, with or without an arts background, to facilitate discussions about music, poetry and art to enrich curriculum and further cultural literacy.

This professional development program utilizes lecture, handouts, mini “lessons” incorporating big screen projections of selected paintings to show painter as storyteller, and poetry readings with varied “soundtrack” music. With interaction among participants, teachers gain direct experience empowering immediate integration of these simple yet powerful strategies into existing curriculum.

Ms. Johnston’s introduction:
Nancy Johnston has been studying and performing traditional Scottish and Irish music and songs professionally for over 15 years. Her work with the group CRAICMORE has taken her across North American and to Shanghai, China.

Authoring the groups much lauded educational outreach program Celtic Connections is one of the ways she has been able to incorporate her parallel career as coordinator for 13 years of a renowned, art based, Interdisciplinary Studies humanitas program in the Los Angeles Unified School district.

An educator for over 25 years, Ms Johnston’s ability to integrate visual literacy, art criticism, music appreciation and theater within the ever increasing mandated demands of 9 – 12th grade curriculum, has enriched the lives of her of students and has allowed her to mentor many teacher colleagues.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]