“Celtic music that touches the heart, mind, and soul. Flagstaff LIVE!
“Awesome concert, exceptionally well received.Paulette Mallory, Liberty Theatre, Astoria OR
Heard on -- CBS© "How I Met Your Mother", "Without A Trace", NBC© "Days Of Our Lives"
NBC© "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno",  & HBO's "Treme"
The Fermoy Lasses: from hill & hoolie
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CRAICMORE plays contemporary traditional celtic music. With deep roots in the music of Scotland and Ireland, CRAICMORE features the critically acclaimed vocalist Nancy Johnston. Her deep, rich, contralto voice is rare in the genre. Driving rhythms from guitar, bass, Bohdran drum, conga and other percussion, along with high-spirited whistles, flutes and bagpipes, powerfully render jigs & reels. Four part harmony, rhythmic hardshoe dancing, an East Indian Shruti Box and rumbling Didjeridoo all accent the warmth and passion of CRAICMORE's fiery performances. They have toured for over ten years throughout the Western States and recently performed a 14 concert engagement in Shanghai, China. Don't miss the chance to experience the excitement, the humor and the sheer joy of this music from CRAICMORE.
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